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How to Use 1xBet Bonus – Important Information for 1xBet Customers

The 1xBet bonus offers rank high amongst the most appealing features of the betting company and the reason for that isn’t far-fetched. All users – both new and existing customers – of the company’s betting site usually benefit from its endless list of enticing offers.

One question commonly asked by most new users is, how to use 1xBet bonus? For some, it’s a matter of not knowing how to get the bonuses; for others, it’s about not being aware of the offer conditions. To fully enjoy the benefits attached to these offers, it is necessary to be well-informed of the 1xBet bonus rules. Also, the bonus service is available in all regions where 1xBet is present, including India.

As a new or existing customer, would you like to know how to use 1xBet bonus? Are you interested in knowing the benefits of having a 1xBet bonus account ? If your answer is yes, keep reading this article to learn more about the 1xBet bonus offer.

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About the 1xBet Bonus

1xBet bonus on the first deposit

The 1xBet bonus is simply a monetary reward you get from the platform to bet on games or possibly withdraw, as long as you meet specific requirements. That’s right, the money can be cashed out! The 1xBet bonus offers include welcome bonus, birthday bonus, promotional bonus and a host of other bonuses.

To enjoy any of these bonuses, you are required to first fund your 1xBet account. This is accordance with a list of specific 1xBet bonus rules.

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Find Out More about the Welcome 1xBet Bonus

1xBet bonus for casino

After creating a 1xBet account, you’ll get the welcome bonus 1xBet that all new customers are eligible to. This is to ensure that you enjoy your betting experience as a new customer.
In India, the welcome bonus is the biggest of all the other bonus offers. Players can get as much as €1500 plus a hundred and fifty free spins. Totally amazing!

Outlined below is the complete breakdown of the 1xBet bonus, which is has four different parts:

  • First deposit – 100% bonus, which can reach a total sum of $330 + thirty free spins
  • Second deposit – 50% bonus, which can reach a total sum of $385 + thirty-five free spins
  • Third deposit – 25% bonus, which can reach a total sum of $440 + forty free spins
  • Fourth deposit – 25% bonus which can reach a total sum of $500 + forty-five free spins

Provided you adhere to the 1xBet bonus rules you will be given the welcome bonus. After that has happened, how to use the 1xBet bonus account will entirely be your decision to make. In the same vein, how to use your bonus will be a matter of what suits you best.

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Receive a Special 1xBet Deposit Bonus

In addition to the bonus 1xBet amount you receive upon signing up, there is a separate bonus offer for making the first deposit into your account.

The first deposit bonus is available to any person who makes a first deposit of $1 or more. The bonus for this deposit is an unbelievable 100% of the original deposit. You can get the largest possible bonus of $144 if you deposit $110 or more and use 1xBet promo code.

Once you make your first deposit, the first deposit bonus gets activated. It is advisable to remember to turn over the 1xBet deposit bonus three days after you receive it in order to avoid letting it expire and being denied access to it. Also, there’s no option to combine this bonus with other promo offers.

Try as much as possible to do according to the 1xBet deposit bonus requirements to ensure having a smooth and enjoyable 1xBet bonus experience.

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Getting Familiar with the 1xBet Bonus Rules

Outlined below are important 1xBet bonus rules that you need to be familiar with:

  • For your first deposit, pay at least $1 into your account.
  • After getting the first deposit bonus, place at least five accumulator bets with it.
  • The accumulator bets must be placed on at least three separate events.
  • Combined, the accumulator bets must sum up to 1.40 odds at least.
  • To enjoy this offer, you must be from a region where there are no restrictive laws against 1xBet. Check the 1xBet official website for confirmation of your country’s eligibility status.
  • You are advised to use the deposit within a 30-day period after receiving it; after 30 days, you won’t be allowed to make use of it anymore.
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1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules plus Other Promo Offers For You

1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

The 1xBet company offers other bonuses besides the 1xBet deposit bonus and the 1xBet welcome bonus.

The other bonus offers are listed below:

  • Daily Jackpots

One amazing thing about the jackpot bonuses is that there are those that are on offer daily. Once you begin gambling, the daily jackpot bonus puts you in the prize pool. Apart from of some casino games like Roulette, Pachinko, PF Roulette, 21 Online and PF Dice, all other casino games are available in the promo.

  • Lucky Friday

Fridays are usually special for everyone. This is why the 1xBet betting platform has seized the opportunity to make Fridays a lot more special for bettors with the lucky 1xBet Friday bonus, a bonus offer that gives the chance to win an amazing $110 every Friday. Bear in mind that the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules must be followed to make you eligible for this offer.

  • Lucky Day

1xBet also offers daily promotional bonuses. You must be wondering how that works. Well, the 1xBet Lucky Day bonus is quite straightforward and easy to partake in. All you are required to do is to purchase a bonus ticket available on the offer page and this will give you a chance to win.

  • No Risk Bets

This 1xBet bonus simply lets you place refundable bets of up to $10. You will get your money back even after losing a bet. It is an unbelievably generous offer. To enjoy this bonus 1xBet offer, simply place a bet once an opening for this promotion is announced.

  • Wednesday Promotion

1xBet bonus on Wednesday

If you adhere to the Friday bonus rules and take part in the Friday bonus offer, it means automatic qualification for the Wednesday promotion bonus. For this bonus 1xBet offer, you are required to place at least five bets that sum up to 1.4 odds on any sporting event and you’ll stand a chance to win 10 USD. Additionally, it is important to first make a deposit of $1 into your account.

  • Birthday Bonuses

1xBet knows just how special your birthday is to you, which is why the platform offers you the opportunity to win a birthday bonus on a day as such. Like other bonus offers, there are 1xBet bonus rules you must follow to be granted access to this bonus.
Just as earlier stated, there’s an endless list of bonus offers that 1xBet makes available to its bettors. It is simply a matter of choosing to participate in the one that suits you best.

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Read and Understand 1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

Outlined below are the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules:

  1. To get this bonus activated, first deposit a minimum amount of $1 into your account.
  2. After getting and activating the bonus, have it wagered three times within 24 hours. It is important to do this to avoid losing your credit.
  3. Available for all deposits of up 110 USD is a 100% bonus.
  4. You are allowed to have only one bonus.
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Getting Your Own 1xBet Bonus Account

This type of account is available to all 1xBet users, regardless of whether they are new customers who just received their first 1xBet deposit bonus or existing customers. Just about anyone can get the 1xBet bonus account.

Also, you can get rewarded with a VIP Cashback Program that allows you to receive cashback bonus. Outlined below are guidelines for obtaining the 1xBet bonus account:

  1. Get yourself a promo offer code to join in on the casino actions. This will earn you a Copper level status.
  2. Now, play any of the available casino games that suits you. This will help you gain valuable experience that you need to boost your 1xBet bonus account ranking.
  3. Accumulate all the points you can. The points you have will get you additional cashback and possibly promote you to the VIP rank.
  4. Pay out your cashback whenever you like. You cashback can only be cashed out once a week, though.
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Useful Information about the 1xBet Bonus Games

1xBet bonus games

On your way to achieving the much coveted VIP account, you’ll come across the 1xBet Bonus games. 1xBet added these games to the site to make your betting and gaming experience better; also, to increase your chances of receiving a 1xBet Bonus. As long as you have a bonus account, you can play these casino games and climb up the ranking ladder.

Outlined below are a fewthe bonus games available on the site:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

These games make it possible for you to have fun while earning points.

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Conclusion on 1xBet Bonus Terms and Conditions

Now that you have reached this point, it is necessary to know all there’s to know about how to use 1xBet bonus and if there’s something you are still not sure about, don’t get worried about it, just visit the official website for more information.

It’s normal to have questions about 1xBet deposit bonus. Usually, most users ask for guidance when using the bonus code for the first time.

Hopefully, this review has been useful in educating you about all you need to know about the bonus offers and how to use 1xBet bonus. enjoy your betting experience!Get your super bonus
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